How to Maximize Your Food Truck’s Revenue

Posted by fitahbaz

What to Do to Maximize your Food Truck Business

Food trucks are a growing trend in North America and around the world. There is a formula for succeeding in this type of business and that’s through a combination of standard quality check on the product you are offering and a lot of hard work. If you forget something you need or come unprepared, you could be wasting time or missing valuable customers. In order to ensure a steady food truck revenue, we’ve put together a list of items to include in your daily operation to make life easier for you. If you check marked all the items in this list you are setting yourself up to have a successful day in the truck! If not make some time to include these items in daily routine.

Your Food Truck’s Look:

☐ Is your food truck’s exterior clean?

☐ Is your daily menu posted with pricing?

☐ Are all condiments set up and presented in a clean manner?

☐ Do you have any seating for customers?

☐ Is your generator turned on, with enough fuel? Are your propane tanks full and turned on?

☐ If you are ready to go, open your canopy to show you are open for business!

The Type of Food:

☐ Do you know the type of your customers you are serving?

☐ Does your menu have limited items?

☐ Do you have some food items prepped and ready to go?

☐ Do you have items that can be prepared easily, quickly, and with a limited number of ingredients?

☐ Is your prep table stocked with toppings?

Food Truck’s Digital Marketing

☐ Do you have your business pages on Facebook, Instagram, and FourSquare?

☐ Do you mark your location on FourSquare?

☐ Do you update your pages with pictures, recipes, specials, and your locations daily?

Food Truck Maintenance

☐ Is your truck serviced (Oil change, routine maintenance, windshield wipers function, etc.?)

☐ Is your truck interior clean and ready for a health inspection at any moment?

Measuring your Food Truck’s Success

☐ Do you monitor your sales against expenses regularly?

☐ Are you using the quality ingredients at the best market price?

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