10 Hottest Mobile Business Ideas to for 2022

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Mobile businesses could revolutionize the economy thanks to their current rise in popularity. Why consider starting a mobile food business? Starting a business on the road has many benefits, such as lower start-up costs, flexibility in location, and an exciting experience! We’ve rounded up the ten hottest mobile business ideas to consider for 2022!

Food Trucks

Food trucks offer a variety of food concepts and make your dreams of owning a restaurant come true! Many people have exchanged their physical stores for food trucks. Owning a food truck is liberating.

Mobile Pet Grooming

Mobile pet grooming trucks work by taking appointments. You schedule a specific date and time, and they’ll be there to groom your pet. The vehicle will arrive on the scheduled day and time to book your appointment.

We love how mobile groomers are not oversaturated in the market yet. We think the idea is original and still untouched, so it would be a great chance to capitalize on this business idea before everyone else does!


Mobile Hair Salon/ Barbershop

When was the last time you cut your hair? When did you last get a manicure? When was the last time you’ve shaved? When was the last time you waxed? When did you last get a hair dye?

It is likely that you, along with the majority, have allowed yourselves to let go during the pandemic. It was unintentional, of course. This is about to change with the rise of mobile salons and barbershops. When it comes to assessing demand, how do you do it? if you’re unsure if the above statements are factual, have your friends confirm. This idea will likely be a big hit if they are! You can try it for yourself. We have no doubts!

Coffee Truck

Canadians drink more coffee than any other nation in the world! Statistics show that an average Canadian drinks 2.7 cups of coffee daily! That’s one in every three Canadians, or every man, woman, and child in Canada over the age of 15.

Tim Hortons dominates the market with a 54% share of the industry. The overall market worth nearly 6.2 billion dollars. You could have a share of this multi-billion dollar industry through solid branding and the increasing demand for coffee, as well as the ability to run a mobile business as a franchise. You won’t regret it!

Fresh Produce on wheels

Fruits and vegetables must be eaten as soon as possible after they are purchased. Stocking up on these perishable goods accounts for a lot of wasted money, and me not kid! The average Canadian household throws out approximately $ 1,766 worth of food waste annually! And honestly, weekly trips to the store to stock up on fruits and vegetables don’t even last us a week! Most of these items, along with your money, go straight to the bin. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fresh batch of fruits and vegetables daily?

This business is a great idea for many reasons. The mobility of having a market on the go allows people to handpick fruits and vegetables right by their doorstep!

The Farming Industry is the perfect business idea for you if you are a farmer or have access to fresh Produce. The best part is, it’s completely scalable. Adding more trucks to target a more expansive reach is all you need to make millions. All you have to do is harvest fresh vegetables and deliver them the next day. This would be a sustainable solution to our country’s massive food waste problem.

Mobile Bar

In the past, the entertainment of bars and clubs has been a large part of social gatherings. Today, however, people find ways to have fun without being confined to their homes due to a new form of the disease.

In cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam, people have been taken to their balconies. On these balconies is a DJ and drinks and music blasting for everyone to enjoy. We never fail to find clever ways to make the best of a situation and have fun while we’re at it! Humans are indeed ingenious.

Picture this: you’re celebrating your birthday in the middle of an outbreak and heightened restrictions. You, along with your housemates, are stuck at home with nothing to do. You call your guy, and a truck with blasting speakers comes by your driveway. A mobile bar on wheels complete with the sound system you need! It’s perfect, and you end up having one of your best birthdays yet!

Content: / You call your guy, and a truck with blasting speakers comes by your driveway. A mobile bar on wheels complete

Mobile bars, a sort of “on-the-go” drinking service, have the power to define a new market. Mobile bars not only cater to households but also festivals and other outdoor events! The possibilities are endless.

Mobile Clinic/ Laboratory

You are literally dying. Your stomach hurts. You refuse to get hospitalized because you fear contracting a severe case of COVID-19, a new deadly virus taking on the world for a couple of months now. You then stay home and wait for a miracle that the pain goes away on its own.

The fact that you have to go to a doctor’s office doesn’t have to be the case. The solution? Mobile clinics! This idea has so much untapped potential! Having a van visit you in the comfort of your home to give you the urgent medical attention you need.

In the medical field, there is a strong need for portable healthcare. Ambulatory Healthcare Services is a highly competitive market with no dominant players. This makes it a lovely and viable business model. With people avoiding hospitals for fear of contracting the virus, mobile clinics and laboratories provide convenience and peace of mind while getting yourself treated.

Mobile Bakeshop

Mobile bakeshops are a reasonably new business idea that will soon become popular. With mobile bakeshops, you can have fresh bread delivered right to your doorstep every single day!

Artisanal bread is not the everyday bread that you see in the stores. This fresh-baked, handcrafted bread has a variety of toppings on it, such as oats and grains. The artisanal bread industry is an emerging industry that focuses on producing this delicious type of fresh-baked bread.

Sustainable, Socially Responsible, and Zero waste, the artisanal bread industry is making waves in and out of social media. Its photogenic crusty exterior has attracted Gen X’s, Millennials, and Gen Z-ers alike. Imagine the hype of having one on wheels? I bet you didn’t think of that!

Mobile Dessert Truck

Move over, ice cream trucks! A new finalist has arrived in the form of dessert food trucks. With the early 2010s seeing a rise in popularity for food trucks, these sweet vehicles have made waves with their novel dessert ideas. Different conceptual vehicles that serve one central goal: To deliver mouth-watering desserts to every Canadian.

Mobile Dessert Trucks can get a following like no other. By driving around and spreading sweetness, they can build a solid social media presence.

Mobile businesses are an excellent opportunity to create new products and services that cater to their target markets’ needs. The variety in mobile food trucks is immense, allowing for constant reinvention.

Mobile Clothing Shop

In the past decades, fashion designers have been seen moving racks and racks of clothing around for a private fitting. The e-commerce business has grown as more physical stores have closed shop.

Businesses that offer a personalized shopping experience while producing high-quality clothing target the top 20% of the population. But even so, this type of business is still suitable and can produce great results if done correctly.


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