Mobile Drive Thru Assessment Units Built by Venture Food Trucks

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By now, Covid-19 has affected almost every area of our lives. As we continue to adapt to the changes coming our way, businesses have had to consider ways to pivot. In the food industry, a few examples include restaurants offering unique takeout options, food trucks doing delivery service, and mobile grocery stores popping up in neighborhoods. We realized it was time for us to try something new as well. The concept of a Mobile Drive-Thru Assessment Unit to help communities in need came to us. The first unit, already built, is being lent out free of charge to an organization that can benefit from it for as long as it is useful to them.

What are the benefits of Mobile Assessment Units?

  • Able to be placed where the need lies: hospital parking lot, campus, etc.
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Mobile and self-contained
  • Customizable for your specific needs
  • Drive through or walk-up

The first Venture Food Trucks Assessment Unit was completed in a trailer, but the units can be built in a container or truck as well. This particular model includes a drive-thru window, medical-grade interior, three sink handwashing station with hot and cold running water, refrigeration, and more.  CTV and Global News were here for a tour of the unit to demonstrate the versatility of it. The news clip can be watched above.

Moving forward, and as the need for COVID-19 testing centres subsides, we hope to be able to manufacture these to assist in other areas of disaster relief all over Canada and beyond.

Do you know of an organization that could benefit from the temporary use of a drive-thru assessment unit? Send us an email at or call us today at 855-405-2324!


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