Top 5 Reasons to Buy your Food Truck from Venture Food Trucks

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

So, you have a great idea and you are ready to dive into your food truck business! That’s when you have to choose where you want to spend your largest investment, your food truck.  You might think that you can cut corners to save money any way you can, but you should consider that your food truck is your number one tool for your business. For example, a used truck may seem like a great way to save a lot of money, but if the truck has engine issues or equipment that you don’t need, it could result in losing business. We think the best way to start your business in the right foot is to choose a reliable food truck manufacturer to build your very own custom food truck. The top 5 reasons that take us apart from the other builders are:


    We have 30 years of solid, reputable experience. Venture Food Trucks has built hundreds of trucks and trailers all over the world, customized in every way imaginable.


    Venture Food Truck offers an unlimited level of custom options and can easily accommodate a variety of modifications you may need throughout the build. We can make your vision come true, whether that involves building a completely custom food truck or breathing the life into your old truck. And we don’t just manufacture food trucks: mobile boutiques, bars, pop up shops are all options! For us, the sky is the limit.


    We have a skilled and trusted crew of metal workers and tradespeople who take as much pride in building the truck as you will use it.


    You get the best food truck for your money.


    We provide you with the highest standard customer service before and after purchase. You can find a list of our satisfied customers on our testimonial page.

We at Venture Food Trucks are committed to building the highest standard mobile business vehicle for you. Call us at 1 855 405 2324 be assured that no question goes unanswered.