The Advantage of Having Vegetarian Items on your Food Truck Menu

Posted by fitahbaz

One of the ways to make your food truck business more prosperous is to see what your customers want. Giving more options can turn potential customers to real customers. There are a lot of people that eat vegetarian food – we see more and more fast food franchises are adding vegetarian items to their menu. Adding these options to your menu brings more people to your service window. You can advertise these items on your menu board, and social media as well. 

The types of food that you can have as vegetarian items in the food truck menu are:

Veggie burgers, salads, tacos, pasta, paninis and more. Each kind of food can have variations with unique vegetables, spices, and carbs. These items can also be combined with drinks and sold as a combo.

The vegetarian items can be a complement to meat-lovers menu items. For example, you can add a salad to a hamburger combo, so both types of customers – meat lovers and vegetarians – can enjoy your cuisine. That will give more options to your customer for choosing the right combination of combo items.  Furthermore, make sure you consider how you will store and prepare your vegetarian items – this could mean a separate griddle, or section of your refrigerated prep table, just for vegetarian items.

Announcing these menu items in your social media multiply your marketing effort.  Usually, people with the same interest can share your post in their social media and that will bring you more of people from the same interest. In general understanding of trends can help you to increase your potential sale.

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