What are 5 popular niche food ideas for food trucks?

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

Food truck NicheWhat are 5 popular niche food ideas for food trucks? The 5 popular niche food styles are Barbeque, Ethnic food, Vegetarian, ice-cream or frozen yogurt, and Paninis. Creating a food truck theme by conceptualizing a niche food menu is a good marketing tool.

Barbeque Food Truck

BBQ food trucks provide a healthy variation of menu items that are simple and economic. Many people enjoy the tasty flavor of barbequed meat or vegetables. BBQ goes great with French fries, and it is an easy-to-serve, easy-to-eat meal perfect for music festivals and special events.

Ethnic food truck

As we can see these past 10 years international foods are more popular now because international travel, immigration, and global trade have increased rapidly, driving great interest globally in ethnic cuisine. Therefore people are more familiar with the different flavors of ethnic food.

Vegetarian Food Truck

With the increasing interest of people to vegetarian food options, a food truck with a vegetarian theme can work successfully. For example, many franchises restaurants are offering Beyond Meat burgers that are plant-based.

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Truck

Ice cream trucks have been always popular, but in recent years “Froyo” has taken off. Nowadays there are many more unique flavors in the market than years ago. Therefore the variation of scoops creates a great, marketable theme for Ice cream or frozen yogurt food truck.
A successful example of this is The Merry Dairy Ice cream truck, which has two food trucks and a storefront offering unique, homemade ice cream.

Panini Food Truck

– Simple, versatile, and taste – Panini and grilled cheese food trucks always have a huge line at any event! Another benefit Panini food trucks is they can be all-electric and avoid having a hood and exhaust system install. The Goodah Gastro and Fo Cheezy are two examples of successful Panini/Grilled cheese trucks we have build.  Visit our gallery to see more pictures of these builds.
We hope this article gives you a head start for developing more ideas for your future business. Venture Food Trucks will provide you with solutions for your innovative food ideas. Call us today at 1.855.405.2324.